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These are our customers. We call them members because without their active introduction of ideas for collaboration and their engagement in the ideas of others, we would not exist. We created the platform and they inject the value. In this way, our relationship is more like a club with members rather than service provider and customer.


“There is no artificial distance between the members of the HealthXL community. It almost feels like a family.”

Maulik Majmudar

Partners Healthcare

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Typically investors, clinicians, and serial entrepreneurs, the advisors are thought leaders in an area of specific interest to the members.


With active funds and exits within digital health


Recognised for their early adoption of digital solutions and being well published in an area of interest to the members


Serial entrepreneurs and leading experts in key areas such as reimbursement

"HealthXL is one of the best platforms on a global basis that connects companies, entrepreneurs, and investors around solving some of the most pressing healthcare problems we face today."

"As a company that offers end to end solutions driving clinical outcomes, WellDoc often has to navigate complex environments with multiple stakeholders. HealthXL helps catalyse the journey by aligning interests among all parties from an earlier stage, thus making the process faster and more effective."

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We have the biggest global community of private companies operating at the intersection of health and technology.

HealthXL Verified:

Evidence that your product has a positive clinical and or commercial impact. This evidence may be published in medical journals, some may be sponsored by industry and available for wider release, some may even be small studies run solely by the company in question. In the words of one of the HealthXL Members “The barriers to entry for evidence can be low, I just want to see if it exists, and I can decide for myself whether it meets my needs or not.” Our objective is to drive collaborations, and this verification helps us find companies that we can help to find commercial partners to scale, and companies we can help to find research partners to gain credibility.

"As a young company, it is of critical importance to find quick ways to engage in a dialog with your end customer at the right level. HealthXL has provided not only that but also the opportunity engage with fellow entrepreneurs in the same space. You really get the feeling of a community that is happy to help each other out regardless of where in the ecosystem they fit in."

Sven Junkergard

Zephyr Health

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