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A circle of trust

We’re building a global and collaborative community. The attendees of our invite-only events are carefully selected to ensure they feel comfortable to share their knowledge and strategic interests in digital health.

Relevant topics, actionable insights

During discussions and workshops at our digital health events we focus on solving problems of strategic interest to the HealthXL community of innovators and independent experts.

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Clinicians, investors, serial entrepreneurs, payors, providers, and more digital health experts

What people say about our digital health events

HealthXL connects organizations, entrepreneurs, and investors around solving some of the most pressing healthcare problems we face today. I have had an opportunity through HealthXL to meet and interact with some of the smartest people working to solve global healthcare problems. I have found HealthXL to be a tremendous asset to my company, the Merck Global Health Innovation Fund.

William Taranto, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund Join us today

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