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What people say about the HealthXL platform

“HealthXL is one of the best platforms on a global basis that connects companies, entrepreneurs, and investors around solving some of the most pressing healthcare problems we face today. I have had an opportunity through HealthXL to meet and interact with some of the smartest people working to solve global healthcare problems. I have found HealthXL to be a tremendous asset to my company, the Merck Global Health Innovation Fund.”

William Taranto

Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

“As a young company, it is of critical importance to find quick ways to engage in a dialog with your end customer at the right level. HealthXL has provided not only that but also the opportunity engage with fellow entrepreneurs in the same space. You really get the feeling of a community that is happy to help each other out regardless of where in the ecosystem they fit in.”

Sven Junkergård

Zephyr Health

“There is no artificial distance between the members of the HealthXL community. It almost feels like a family.”

Maulik Majmudar, M.D.

Partners Healthcare

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